Posted on 11/18/2019 to jenngineering

our first communities

after the shit time i had last week, i was thinking that this blog and you (and i, i guess) need a bit of a palate cleanser. so let's talk about the communities we love or loved - both in real life (irl) and online. i talk a lot about community - i mean, most of us working on tools for building the web often do - but it's always really nice to hear more voices in and/or about the space.

i’ll go first (ha ha it's my blog)

i consider my first irl community to be my kindergarten class. apparently i almost skipped kindergarten but begged to stay after getting ice cream at orientation and seeing all the rad toys. i’m so glad i went because it’s my earliest memory of being in a space where i:

i’m not in kindergarten anymore because i graduated (haters will doubt me, so i added proof at the bottom of this post). i attribute my going to a lot of school and my love of learning (and sweets) to that class.

my first online community was the weezer message boards. it was the first place online where i:

my involvement dropped off when i graduated high school and i had to fill my time on the internet with studying, coding and work. also the sound and look of the band changed significantly, so i feel like it was more of a conscious decoupling.

ok now it’s your turn.

i would love for you to let me know about your first communities:

  1. what was your first community irl? online?
  2. what was it about the community that made you feel welcome and included
  3. are you in that community now? if not, what happened?
  4. are you okay with me quoting you in a future post (if so, let me know your name or just say you want to be anonymous)?

email your responses to me at with the subject aol keyword: maladroit was weezer’s best album hehehehe jk any subject will do. i am very much looking forward to reading your stories.

xoxo jenn, kindergarten graduate

mrs. kotter and me during my kindergarten graduation