Posted on 11/12/2019 to jenngineering

dude, ur going to twitter jail (updated)

update it’s 5pm est right now, a little over 5 hours since i published this, and it appears i’ve been unlocked and the mentioned user suspended. thrilling! i don’t know what time this occurred (again, i am very busy and i have been in meetings all day) but this is exactly how i expected things to turn out, including the part where i don’t feel validated – it took people reaching out to other people to make this “right” which is a broken system. but i really do appreciate all the kind words and actions from y'all, including twitter employees, who brought us all towards that "right". twitter has a lot more work to do and i have a lot more work to do. so i, myself, shall be putting twitter in jenn schiffer jail for an unknown amount of time so i can process and get some shit done (go to and also subscribe to my newsletter lol). oh! very quick, yet very important - my use of “dude” being considered not hateful conduct in this specific situation does not mean it’s okay for you to use it or similar terms to misgender people.

this week i am spending time in a place i have surprisingly never been before: twitter jail. exciting!

twitter jail is a ~term of endearment~ for when twitter finds that content of yours violates their rules and, in response, locks your account. in my case, i called a twitter account (whose real name has a non-zero chance of rhyming with “bohn bonmez”) a most “hateful” word: “dude.”

screenshot of email twitter sent me saying i've been locked because of hateful conduct

twitter gave me two options:

  1. delete the tweet and then sit through a 12 hour timeout, or
  2. appeal the report and wait an unknown amount of time (in timeout) to see if my appeal is accepted

believe it or not, i am a very reasonable person. i have been mean, too mean sometimes, but when i am called out for it i have owned up to it by reflecting and being transparent with how i grow from that moment. in this case, i did the same. i reflected on how

through this reflection, i decided to grow from the moment by saying “no, i shan’t be deleting this tweet, this is fucking bullshit.”

“no, i shan’t be deleting this tweet, this is fucking bullshit.”

so if you’re wondering why i’m not on twitter, this is why. don’t worry about me leaving entirely, though – as i am in lockdown i am unable to:

moving on, for a moment.

an actually exciting thing going on in my life is that i’ve recently moved from leading an engineering team to designing and building a support team. i hired a rad support engineering lead and we’ve been doing a lot of great work over the last month, interfacing with the product teams and really making sure the users of glitch have a voice and place in the thoughts of everyone at the company using, building and marketing glitch. i’ll be writing more about it soon after getting everyone settled — turns out onboarding and helping others shift teams is a lot of work!

a growing part of my role now is doing research on support and community health, like how to effectively moderate content in a way that doesn’t lead to good actors in your community feeling unwelcome, or letting bad actors get away with gaming moderation tools and policies ::cough::twitter safety::cough::. so, on the bright side of things, this visit to twitter jail is actually a great educational moment for me and that work.

as a leader in support and health, it’s my duty to be empathetic, but critical, of how others in our space do things: empathetic because support is extremely hard, community health can be even harder, and both areas have mostly failure states to learn from; and critical, because again we have mostly failure states to learn from and honestly something has got to give, yeah? so while i have spent well over 24 hours somewhat fuming over my account being the one that is locked, i do remember that this work is hard and i can use this moment to

again, this is hard work and will take time and, most importantly, collaboration. i’m excited to dive into it and share with our community the process and outcomes of it, because at the end of the day my ~passion~ is making the web an inclusive, creative environment - only a v tiny part of my passion is dunking on trolls who don’t know mutable from immutable.

a hater who does not know mutable from immutable

some folks will feel very satisfied with my being silenced, which is a moment i’ll gladly let them have as i'll likely be unlocked soon and yet they (like many men before them) will continue to fail at trying to get me fired from my job. at the end of the day, i am far too busy for this, and i don’t need twitter to let the world know i put my pants on 8 dicks at a time. that’s what blogs and newsletters are for.

xoxo jenn

ps. btw, if you work at twitter, the “report an issue” page comes up blank in firefox mobile.